Bee Berry Farm covers 19 lovely acres in Giles County. Three acres are in Northern Highbush blueberries – our plants range from  two to thirty (!) years old. Cultivars include Collins, Blueray, Bluejay, Bluecrop, Darrow, Spartan, and Toro.

Formerly Bob and Pat Adam’s Idyllease Farm, we have a great appreciation for what they’ve done. We were Sinking Creek Farm from 2007 to 2013 – but there are way too many Sinking Creek businesses, plus no one seemed to be able to remember our farm name!  We have bees, we have berries, hence…Bee Berry Farm.

We are both experienced horticulturists. Joel is faculty in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences (plant pathology discipline), Holly recently retired from teaching, research, and extension in horticulture, and currently works for AmericanHort as director of educational programs.

We are knowledgeable of and committed to sustainable horticultural practices. Proper management is essential to successful blueberry production  – maintaining a low soil pH with regular applications of elemental sulfur (OMRI listed), irrigating during drought, pruning, etc. And then the birds come…  Blueberries are fairly trouble-free; no pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, any-cides) are used on our plants or berries. We have several hives of honeybees –  their health and productivity is very important to the pollination of the blueberries (as well as a hearty population of native bumbles and other bee pollinators).

The highlight of our summer is the four- to six-week window of blueberry season with the opportunity to share this unique crop – we welcome both new customers and old friends to come pick with us and enjoy the mountain views.



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