Season usually starts 3rd or 4th week in June – please check back for exact opening date.  We very much appreciate those of you who came out last season to pick and followed the Covid-19 protocols.

Just FYI:  No pesticides, fungicides, anything-cides on our plants or berries. That’s why local berries are awesome.

Blueberries for 2021 are $2.95 per pound plus 2.5% VA sales tax. A pint of blueberries is about three-quarters (3/4ths) of a pound. Cash, check, or tap/swipe card reader (please observe our $15 minimum).

  • Bring a cooler if you’re going to be doing anything other than heading home. We want your blueberries to have the longest possible shelf-life.
  • Blueberries are simple to freeze – just be sure they are dry, and plop them into a freezer baggie or container. That’s it. Since we don’t use any sprays, there’s really no need to wash them. But if you do, be sure to let them dry. Damp berries spoil much faster than dry ones.
  • No dogs, thanks! We’ve already got some :).

blueberry jam