We can’t wait to see you! But with social distancing a priority, we can’t “host” non-picking children or adults in the tent area.  Children must stay with adults in field, under close supervision. Please, please, please respect your fellow blueberry pickers. We will monitor this closely so as not to put others at risk. This is the toughest one, as we really enjoy the social experience of you-pick!

We are following Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services recommendations for pick-your-own farms and individual farm stands.

Maintain a minimum of 6 feet between you and people not in your household. Please remember this both in the field and under the tent. Please wear a face mask at arrival and checkout.  In the field, masks are recommended; if close to another picker, mask up!!!

Check in:

Pick into our disinfected buckets only. Leave your containers, coolers etc.  in the vehicle. 

Our buckets will contain a liner bag.  Buckets will be disinfected* between uses, and each  bucket will have a new liner bag inserted each time.

Clean your hands before entering field.  Hand wash station (double sink with foot pump) at field gate. Sanitizer option there as well.

Also – BYOB (bring your own belts) if you like to use them bandolier-style for holding the buckets. 
We’ll have some sanitized each day for those who forget, but won’t be enough for all pickers.

Picking:  Work an entire blueberry bush at a time. You’ll fill your bucket MUCH faster.  Don’t flit down the row touching a berry here and a berry there (wildly inefficient way to pick and and ). We’ll flag the rows with ripe berries.


Easy! Place your bucket(s) on the scale; once weighed, remove your sturdy liner bag to take berries home.  We don’t touch your bag. Bucket goes into tub for disinfecting.

Important:  Maintain distance at least 6 feet between customers. Do not gather under the tent or crowd the checkout table.   Anyone not making the purchase/ transaction should wait a distance away.   

Payment: Please bring your form of payment with you to avoid the ” I have to go to the car etc.”

CHECKS ARE AWESOME – the ultimate limited-touch transaction.  Have it out filled out except amount, fill that in, hand it over. 
We also accept cash, just like other stores.  Our card reader ceased functioning and is being replaced by a new EMV unit, will update when it arrives. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting protocols

Surfaces – tables, port-o- let door handles, seats, etc. sprayed down regularly with 70% Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol) and cleaned with disposable wipes.

*Buckets sanitized after each use with Biosafe SaniDate 5.0 (EPA approved and OMRI listed – active ingredients Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxyacetic Acid)

Hand sanitizer available at multiple locations including port-o-let, field entry/exit, and checkout.

Hand wash station (hands-free foot pump) at entrance to field.

Maintain distance in field with non-family members of 6 feet at minimum. We have plenty of room to spread out.

The usual “no dogs please, we have some” rules apply.

Bee Berry Farm staff will self-monitor daily for symptoms based on VDH guidelines here:  https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/vdh-interim-guidance-for-daily-covid-19-screening-of-employees-and-visitors/  If one of us becomes ill, we’ll need to shut the whole thing down. 

Which makes it even more vital: If YOU If you are not feeling well, please stay home.