We recently extracted 100+ lbs of fabulous Giles County farm honey. Our girls work hard at pollinating the blueberry blossoms in the late spring, and then continue gathering pollen and nectar from our summer-flowering meadow plants and trees.

The honey is extracted from the comb, filtered and bottled in to handy 16 oz squeeze bottles. No synthetic chemical treatments or antibiotics are used in our hives, and no pesticides or fungicides are used on our farm. We are also careful to leave plenty of honey on the hives to help our bees survive the winter.

Our honey is available this autumn at
Joe’s Trees country store on Hwy 42 in Craig County
– Gunpowder Springs store (next to The Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston)

If you’d like to buy in bulk (i.e. 6 or more bottles), contact us and we’ll arrange a pick-up or delivery time.

Sinking Creek Farm Honey!