Greetings, blueberry fans! Our opening day is Monday, June 18. Also two “Plants for Pollinators” talks to celebrate national Pollinator Week! See PICKING SCHEDULE for days and hours.

We have enough ripe berries to get rolling – some Collins and Bluecrop.  Our best/easiest picking will happen the following weeks.

This season, we will have more regular evening hours plus a Sunday or two.  Trying to be open as much as possible. We have a LOT of berries yet to come on, but very little rain. Coupled with the heat, this season will be fast and furious. When we post to Facebook, Instagram, and our website that it is “easy picking” – do not delay!  We will also send a weekly email update.

You’ll also get to experience first-hand the impacts of Mountain Valley Pipeline construction which is, heartbreakingly, underway.  Not a quiet operation.  Know that many organizations, landowners, and community members community continue the fight.

Blueberries are $2.50 per pound plus 2.5% VA sales tax. Please pick into our containers and transfer to your own for the ride home.

2018 Season opens June 18th